2015 Movement Cleanse – How do you define healthy?

1AexamIn my final (for now) “Fix Your Feet” post, I mentioned my upcoming “Movement Cleanse”. I figure since we’re all doing our own version of a beginning-of-the-year internal body detox/cleanse to remove toxins from our digestive and circulatory systems, why not do a movement cleanse to detox our musculoskeletal, lymphatic, and cardiovascular systems? My goal is to help you detox from movement (or lack of movement) that’s contributing to pain and lack of energy or range of motion in our day-to-day lives.

This will be a (FREE!!) six week course that will cover the following:

  • How do you define “healthy”?
  • What is the difference between natural movement and exercise, and what are the benefits of both?
  • How do you add more natural movement into your day? What is “movement nutrition”?
  • What is alignment, and why does it matter?
  • 5 alignment points and 5 basic, simple “exercises” that will change the way you feel in your body immediately.
  • How Restorative Exercise™ can not only relieve pain, but improve pelvic floor health, (birthing mamas, you know what I’m talking about) cardiovascular health, and improve our resistance to many “affluent” ailments.
  • A plan, developed by YOU to improve your health without having to take time away from your normal, daily activities and families.

This 6-week course will begin on February 16th and will consist of: Purchasing and reading sections of Katy Bowman’s book Move Your DNA ( you can get it on Amazon for $17.00 or Kindle version for $9.99), “homework” that will take you 1-2 hours a week delivered via email by me, and a 30-45 minute Google hangout once a week with me to discuss the book and homework for that week. These will be recorded so if you can’t attend, I will send out a link you can watch later.

If you’re completely new to Restorative Exercise™, this is a great opportunity for you to learn the basics and see if you’re interested in improving your health this way; if you’ve been exposed online, or had a few sessions with me, this is a perfect opportunity to move deeper into your practice and learn more of the science behind why natural movement is so important. Advanced students: this will probably be too basic for you, but if you’d like to join for a refresher, go for it! I’ll be running a course for advanced students later in the year.

Sound interesting? Let me make it even MORE interesting! Everyone who registers will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a “Fix Your Feet” DVD from the Aligned and Well DVD collection that includes an introduction to Restorative Exercise™ by it’s founder, a “lesson” on the science behind the importance of foot health, and 5 exercises demonstrated by said founder to get you on the path to optimal wellness!

There are only a few spots left, so please send me a message at jacqueline.saszi@gmail.com to sign up. Let’s move and be better in 2015!


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