30 Days of Walking

Inactive. Lazy. Not moving enough. Sedentary. Static. All words for what I’ve been lately.

Yes, even exercise teachers stop exercising. Even movement teachers stop moving. It happens.

But it’s time. It’s time for me to get off the couch. To move more. Move better. Get outside and walk and hang and squat and jump and run. I’m coming out of my emotional and physical funk and I’m craving the whole body and mind cleansing that comes from walking 5-10 miles a day. Since it’s been a while since I’ve moved that much, I’m going to need to prep my poor, underused muscles and slowly work back up to my normal mileage.

I can commit to anything for 30 days. Especially if I write about said commitment on the interwebz and invite a bunch of people to join me. 🙂 Starting September 1st I’m committing to 30 days of walking. By the end of the 30 days I want to be up to 5-10 miles a day again. Want to join me? Of course you do! For you it may be 30 days of swimming, or meditating (I’ll be adding that back into my routine as well!) or not eating sugar, or biking, or not complaining. Whatever it may be, if you’ve found yourself out of the habit of a beneficial practice, join me in a 30 day journey back to it. You’ll thank yourself. And it will be fun. And you’ll be all like “Why did I stop doing this?” and we’ll be like “WHO CARES?!” because it doesn’t matter. Just do it again.

Until September 1st I’m going to build up to this adventure by adding one nutritious movement a day until the 1st. I will be walking during this time, but for shorter distances until I build up the foot and lower body strength and flexibility so my body can handle it without pain. I’ll post pics of one exercise daily so y’all can join in if you would like.

Thanks for the support, and feel free to shout out in the comments what you’ll be doing for 30 days in September. Here’s to better habits and healthy bodies!



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