Happy International Women’s Day! Thank Your Pelvic Floor For Making You the Woman You Are Today…

IMG_0205Before I started on this journey of improving my health through natural movement, I had NO IDEA what my “pelvic floor” was. To celebrate International Women’s Day, I’m offering a huge discount off of my 3-Week Pelvic Floor Series, so I thought I would give you some general education on what your pelvic floor actually is, and how weakness in these muscles can cause problems that most people think are unavoidable, untreatable, and worst of all, “normal”. When our lady parts aren’t functioning properly, or are causing us pain and discomfort, it eats away at our self-confidence and can leave us feeling hopeless and yucky. So, to do my part to empower women on a day like today, I would like to offer a way for women to feel good in their bodies again!

Your pelvic floor muscles are a sheet of muscles that attach to your tailbone posteriorly, and your pubic symphysis (PS) anteriorly. Modern women tend to have very short, tight (weak) pelvic floors due to constant heel wearing (which tucks the pelvis and therefore the tailbone is always tucked under and closer to the PS, shortening the muscles. Short muscles are weak muscles), sitting the bulk of our days (tucking the pelvis and under-using our gluteal muscles, which when weak, stop pulling the tailbone back while standing and moving. Again, shortening the pelvic floor muscles), and not squatting nearly as much as our bodies require in order to keep the juices flowing down there. (pun intended!) Go ahead and Google “images of pelvic floor muscles” to get an idea of what they look like.

squattingShortened pelvic floor muscles can lead to many issues for women in particular: incontinence (do you pee a little when you sneeze, laugh, cough, run or jump? This is incontinence), painful menstrual periods, hemorrhoids, and painful sex, to name a few.

Contrary to popular belief, there IS a way to improve and in most cases, eradicate these uncomfortable issues forever.

In my 3- week Pelvic Floor Health series, I will teach you 15 exercises and basic alignment to start you on the road to healing these issues forever. This series also includes vital education about your body and how it functions, and how the pelvic floor and its proper functioning is connected all the way up to our belly and chest (breathing and abdominal tightness) and all the way down to our feet. You’ll complete the three week series with a solid plan, unique to you, to increase mobility, decrease pelvic floor dysfunction, and generally feel better in your body.

So, now to the good part:

Today and tomorrow ONLY, I am offering 20% off my 3-week pelvic floor series (Normally $225, so $180 with the discount). This includes three 1-hour long sessions with me (either in person or via Skype) with follow up emails including detailed descriptions of your unique corrective exercises and alignment points, unlimited access to me via phone and email in between sessions, and handouts with pictures and descriptions of the exercises.

Click here to register, and let’s get your pelvic floor functioning properly again!

Lots of love and solidarity on this day of celebrating how far we’ve come as women, y’all! I am filled with gratitude for the part each of you has played in my journey so far!




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