Information For The Public

Are you so excited about the difference Restorative Exercise and natural movement have made in your life that you want to spread the word? Great!

For a brochure about my business and what I offer, click here. (it’s pretty!) This brochure is meant to work as an email attachment OR it can be printed out and folded to create an honest-to-goodness brochure you can place in someone’s hot little hands. Or leave on their coffee table. 🙂

For more information specifically for large organizations, small businesses, or academic institutions, you can download my Workshops and Classes flyer here. This is also made to be accessible as an email attachment or a hard copy. The decision is yours!

If you’d like some of my business cards to hand out, send me a message here and put your mailing address in the message block. I’ll ship them out to you ASAP!

****Please be sure to remind anyone you refer to me to mention your name. You receive 10% off a session with me for every person you refer!****

Thank you and Be Well!