It is better to give than receive…unless you’re receiving a HUGE DISCOUNT!

That's me with my Dad at 8 weeks old. Wasn't I cute?

That’s me with my Dad at 8 weeks old. Wasn’t I cute?

Hi all! It’s my 39th birthday today, and to celebrate I am offering a 39% discount on my 3-session package of Restorative Exercise™, or my Wellness Coaching Package which includes Professional Coaching and Restorative Exercise™. This means $88 off my Restorative Exercise™ sessions and almost $500 off my Wellness Coaching! This deal only applies until midnight tomorrow (May 7th), so make your appointment now. This is also a great idea for a Mother’s Day gift. Give your Mom the gift of Restorative Exercise™ to make up for the physical changes she experienced giving birth to you, and then chasing you around for the next few years! *The discount applies to both in person and Skype appointments.

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