It’s a Dynamic Giveaway, Y’all!

skellieI’ve been posting on Facebook and Instagram about dynamic work stations this week, and in order to challenge you to get more nutritious movement into your day, I’m proposing we all make one small change to how we move our bodies at work. If I had it my way, I’d get paid for walking, hiking, running and playing all day, but that’s just not reality…yet. 🙂 Since I do need to be inside in an office for most of my day (and life), I do my best to incorporate movement into everything I do. Since I need to be on a computer, there are movements I do to keep from having a quasimodo hump and T-Rex arms. I also do my best to stand and walk as much as possible. When I need a break from standing, I find creative ways to sit; on the floor, or if I must be in a chair, I do my best to sit in a way that encourages blood flow and healthy skeletal alignment. This means I have made subtle changes to my work spaces in order to allow that.

IMG_0448For example: I’ve recently been reminded to add balance exercises into my day to increase proprioception and strength, so I’ve added a Bosu Balance Trainer to my standing work station at home.

And there it is…I said “standing work station”. Recently, there have been tons of articles floating around about how “sitting is the new smoking”, and many of the recommendations have been to get a standing desk. So, what did the marketing departments of standing desk retailers do? They hopped on the bandwagon. Now we see headlines about how sitting is killing you, which are basically advertisements for standing desks. And then, as always, we start to see articles about how much standing desks suck. My personal favorite was the parody on this trend, the hamster wheel desk. I actually kind of like it! For more humorous standing desk alternatives, click here and here.

But I digress. The point is, you don’t need to go purchase a standing desk, as the solution to your slow death by sitting is NOT to stand all the time. Our bodies need a variety of movement: standing, sitting, squatting, twisting, hanging, jumping, and climbing. We’ve tried to get more movement in by going to the gym for an hour, but then we sit the rest of the day. Same problem here. One hour at the gym a day does nothing to combat the 6-8 hours we then spend sitting.  Sedentary is sedentary, regardless of what position you’re in! Hence, no need to spend a bunch of money on a desk made to put you in yet another static position (of course you’re welcome to do that if you want). What I’ve done is made my work day movement friendly. In order to sit/be sedentary less, I’ve removed my chair and I stand sometimes, sit on an exercise ball sometimes, sit on the floor in various positions sometimes, and SOMETIMES I even bring my chair back and sit in it! (gasp!) It’s all good, as long as I’m finding creative ways to move. I’ll also break up my work day by taking a walk around the block, walking to the bank or to get lunch, anything to keep me moving. Here are some examples of my work spaces, various sitting positions to try, and a free app I use to remind me to move!

Using a small table and a file box I've made a floor-sitting work station.

Using a small table and a file box I’ve made a floor-sitting work station.

My dynamic work station at home. So many options!

My dynamic work station at home. So many options!

Think Outside The Chair posters with sitting positions. Available at

Think Outside The Chair posters with sitting positions. Available at

The "Time Out" app that takes over your screen so you take a 10 minute break.

The “Time Out” app that takes over your screen so you take a 10 minute break.

So now we get to the FUN GIVEAWAY! Go “like” my Facebook page and post a picture of one small change you’ve made to YOUR work space today. It could be as simple as moving the phone farther away so you have to reach farther to get it. You gotta start somewhere, right? Or, if you’re more of an Instagram junkie (I am. It’s okay) follow me on Instagram at @movethyself and post the picture there with #dynamicworkstations. You MUST “like” my Facebook page, or follow me on IG or you will not be entered into the giveaway; I have to be able to tag you in the “You WIN!” post.  I’ll run a random number generator and pick one person from Facebook and one person from Instagram to get a FREE copy of Katy Bowman’s book Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief: The New Science of Healthy Feet (it’s not just about foot pain, it’s about how the health of our feet contributes to Whole Body Wellness!) AND a 50% discount off of my upcomingRestore and Relax retreat in September! Only one entry per person, please! You can post until Sunday morning, and I’ll announce the winner Sunday afternoon. Have fun!


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