Consulting and Coaching

DSCN0269As a Consultant and Coach, I specialize in resilience. I enjoy working with young people and adults to enable them to transition through major change in their lives using my training and personal experience. I have had the unique opportunity to work with individuals and their families in times of crisis and help them find their way through major transitions since 1997.

Whole Life Wellness Coaching: Now Taking New Clients

The best of both worlds: Restorative Exercise sessions in addition to coaching sessions in order to improve your resilience during times of change. I also incorporate the Personal Resilience Profile as a starting point for determining how you use your energy during change. I have found when working with clients that their physical ailments can contribute to their mental and emotional resilience, and vice versa. I will work with you to find a schedule that works best to meet for traditional coaching sessions, as well as Restorative Exercise sessions. I will be your guide, mentor, and cheerleader throughout the process. My clients have seen the most success using this level of coaching. These sessions can be conducted in person or via Skype.

Each session will be 90-120 minutes (depending on need; we will decide on the timing prior to each appointment). This is a 6-week coaching package and requires a time commitment outside of coaching appointments for writing and daily movement. It’s the total package if you want to jump-start your life and improve both your mental and physical health.

  • 6 weeks of 90 minute in person or Skype meetings once a week; email and phone access to me when needed. Also includes a copy of Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman.—Total investment: $895

Other Session Fees and Packages:

2_web_transparentProfessional Coaching using the Personal Resilience Profile – This is for anyone experiencing change in their personal or professional life (or both!). It includes your very own Personal Resilience Profile, and follow up sessions to examine and improve your resilience, and develop simple, reachable goals. There is a 3-session minimum for this style of coaching.

  • First session at 90 minutes including debrief of your Personal Resilience Profile—$120
  • Second and Third sessions at 60 minutes—$85 each
  • 3-session package (3.5 hours total)—$290
  • 6-session package (6.5 hours total)—$500
  • Additional sessions—$85 per hour

Consulting and Coaching for Family and Addiction Issues – This is for families who are in the treatment and recovery process (not all family members must attend). Putting a loved one into treatment and the subsequent recovery process can be incredibly rewarding, yet challenging. I will walk you through this process in a way that helps you to feel empowered instead of drained, overwhelmed, and helpless. There is a 3-session minimum for this style of coaching.

  • First session at 75 minutes—$125
  • Second and Third sessions at 60 minutes each—$95
  • 3-session package (3.25 hours total)—$315
  • 6-session package (6.25 hours total)—$550
  • Additional Sessions—$95 per hour

Speaking engagements and educational workshops: Do you have a team or group that you work with experiencing the fallout of a major change?   I will work with you to identify your needs and design something unique to your or your team. Please fill out my contact form to set up a time to discuss a workshop that will meet your needs. For educational workshops that include the latest information on physical health and well being, click here.

Please contact me here or 480-586-5477 to set up an appointment.