What is Personal Resilience?


Resilience is more than an individual’s ability to ‘bounce back.’ It is the ability to thrive in the midst of disruption and change.

Change is a constant in almost every area of our lives. From global events to situations closer to home, we are all affected by change in some way on a consistent basis. But change is good, right? Yes, I believe it is, but that doesn’t mean that the process of some changes is frustrating, scary, and overwhelming. Even an exciting life change like marriage or having a child can leave you exhausted and feeling guilty for not allowing yourself to “enjoy the moment”.

stressedThere are many factors that can influence one’s capability to manage and harness change. Using the Personal Resilience Profile, you will find out which of the 7 characteristics of resilience are the most energizing and the most draining for you.

With this awareness, I will coach you through improving your resilience by learning how to strengthen your “change muscles” and find the characteristics that bring you energy and allow you to move more easily through change, and come out on the other side full of energy and ready for the next challenge!

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